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A lifestyle brand for the woman who craves dreamy European getaways, spontaneous drives in vintage cars and long summer days. She experiments with bold, but thrives in effortless and classic. Someone that’s chic, yet relatable and dresses for everyday like it’s an occasion – letting your outfit transport you to the destinations you daydream about. 

Outfits for the vacation you should be taking.

Whether you’re in a breathable set, a casual classic midi or a statement print, with PROVA you’ll outfit with purpose. An effortless yes for suitcase staples or everyday styling. From beachside brunch in a luxe linen crop to Saturday errands in a flowy cotton maxi. These everyday looks can be the same styles you pack in your suitcase. So go ahead, style like you’re on vacation but make it wearable, comfortable and chic. 

Behind the Brand

A fashion creative, an enthusiast of the European lifestyle, a new mom.  

Rewind to Spring of 2013. Living abroad in Italy and Spain manifested an obsession with a certain way of life. That carefree, magical feeling of experiencing beauty around every corner. The clothes, the buildings, the cafes, the little markets, artisan goods - everything felt so effortlessly chic. 

Soon after returning, she yearned for more travels to be immersed in the lifestyle. A few more trips and a honeymoon later - creativity was flowing. From that point on, discovering new varietals of wine and afternoon espressos became innate. Not long after, meeting her other half and sharing in a passion for vintage cars, particularly with a European flare. As a new mother, the accessibility of travel seems distant and pouring herself into PROVA as a lifestyle brand keeps that connection alive. 

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